Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hearthsworn Fighter, Gouger, Egg Clutch

Hi Guys, I've been working on Super Dungeon Explore recently, With more CMON games coming the end of the year, I thought I better get a move on and get the one I already own done.

So I don't want to just rush these models. They require a fair amount of filling (for a perfectionist...), I want the models to pop, look cool and characterful, so it's been slow progress, but I thought I'd show you what I've completely finished.

Hearthsworn Fighter

this guy spoke to me first, he required no filling, and has the least detailed eyes. So a good starting point. I had to mix his armour colour as I don't own an extensive colour palette, but I quite like the mottled effect the black wash has given it.


A good starting point for the Kobold, he's a grunt, with plenty of skin showing, and armour on the front (I havent decided how best to tackle some of the other monsters' bellies yet)

Egg Clutch 

This just screamed "Crystal Challenge" at me, I really wanted to make the big crystal stand out, it's based purple, with a light blue drybrush, and a blue wash over the top. I also left the black wash off of the crystal, to keep it bright.

I think I might do something more interesting with the eggs, maybe some coloured spots or something, I tried to do some brighter layers to give them a shiny appearance, but this hasn't really worked out the way I wanted.

That's all for now. hopefully I'll get more done tonight.

Cheers, TSINI